About Us


Our Philosophy

Today’s society has gone through huge changes. Even though there is material comfort, parents are spending less time at home due to long working hours. On top of that, many children are brought up by maids or single parents, often leading to the neglect of children’s emotional, mental and physical needs. The burden on parents is increased due to the fast pace of society and the shift to values that emphasise individualism, freedom and human rights. With all these changes surrounding our children, subconsciously affecting them on a daily basis from young, how can we ensure that our children grow up healthily? This is a tough question that today’s early childhood educators have to face.

Other than the usual teaching of knowledge, reading and writing skills, intellectual skills and art, our organisation strongly feels that it is very important to cultivate the heart and mind of the children from as early as in the preschool stage, instilling in them values like compassion, humility, self-respect, compassion and filial piety. With these values, the children will learn to be well mannered and respect elders, to take initiative and be self-motivated as well as to be patient and persevere. These will provide them with a strong foundation to face the adversities, hardships and challenges of life in the future.

Our philosophy is not just a theory anymore, but already materialised by our many years of practice and is greatly welcomed by many parents.

Xingqing Education was started in the 80’s by our well-known contemporary thinker and educator, Professor Fok Tou Hui. Numerous classes were conducted, producing illustrious results that benefitted many individuals and their families. Professor Fok had also set up an integrated school in China as well as organised leadership training camps for youth in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Besides graduating with good academic results, these students and trainees also exhibit righteous character with inspiring ambitions. The results achieved are encouraging and this new direction in education is appraised as the new hope in the revolution of education.

Our Mission

To nurture well-behaved, happy and lively children who spontaneously love and care for others; to proliferate renowned Xingqing Education, so that every parent will rejoice and take pride at their children in becoming pillars of the society.

Our Approach

  • To Coach Another Life with One's Life
  • To Nurture Love with Love
  • To Groom Talent with Talent