Playgroup(18 mths – 2 1/2 yrs)

Focus Objectives

Character building
Learn to be kind, caring, loving, and sharing with others.
Learn values through story-telling, poems, songs, teachers’ modelling, daily interactions, lesson activities and play time.

Physical Development
Develop gross and fine motor skill through age appropriate physical activities.
Enhance children’s muscle strength, eye-hand co-ordination and abilities to use and control their bodies.

Music and Movement
Develop concentration, memory and listening skills.
Enhance children’s social interactions and language development.
Enhance creativity and form a strong relationship between the brain and the body.

Social Development
Provide unlimited opportunities for children to build relationship with peers and teachers.
Learn to acknowledge feelings, control his/her feelings and behaviour and get along with other children.


Our Operating Hours
Full Day Monday to Friday 7.00am — 7.00pm
Half Day AM Monday to Friday 7.00am — 1.00pm
Half Day PM Monday to Friday 1.00pm — 7.00pm
All Sessions Saturday 7.00am — 2.00pm