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Parent Accolades

We are very grateful to all Xiyao's teachers. The teachers here are compassionate and are patient towards our daughter. Sylvia has improved alot. Xiyao taught her moral values. She is now very thoughtful and has more patience, she will concentrate on things she does and will help us on the daily chores. Thank you to all teachers! Mr & Mrs Sia

 我们都很开心看到明轩在这儿的学习和进步。我和我先生都认可明轩和以前判若两人。他也喜欢来这儿,现在每天都自动自发起来去学校。他也告诉我他喜欢喜耀幼学乐园的老师们。 彭女士

幼儿教育最重要的是一个正面的环境,有爱心的老师,正确的教育观念,才能从小培养孩童正确的处世态度与人生观。这对于中国传统教育尤其重要。在这方面,我觉得喜耀做得很好.  卓智彬先生  

  When our 4-year old son Chester enrolled at Xiyao Childcare, we were anxious about how he would settle into his new school.  To our delight, he made new friends quickly and bonded well with his teachers.  As parent, we very much appreciate the regular communication between us and his English and Chinese teachers.  We have been really impressed with Xiyao Childcare for helping our son develop a wide range of skills within the past six months.  He now sings, writes the alphabets, reads story books and performs speech and drama.  Thanks also for sending interesting learning articles to us parents.  Keep up the good work, your efforts are much appreciated.  Cheers! Mrs Ng