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SunlifeEducare is a unique childcare centre! Early childhood period is when lifelong needed skills and virtues are formed, therefore it is extremely important to instill moral virtues like compassion, self- respect, humility and filial piety in our children at their tender age. Our education is built on such a foundation, and we deem this as Xingqing Education (性情教育) Our founder, Professor FokTou Hui, believed that Xingqing education is the key to nurturing children with healthy minds and morally upright character. Our professional teaching team creates a loving and caring environment for our little ones, teaching them to manage the emotional aspect of their lives effectively and positively, facing and overcoming changes and adversities and pursuing greater achievements in future. We earnestly hope to work hand-in-hand with our parents to ensure our children grow up healthily and happily.

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(中文) 是的,我放弃了我家楼下的托儿所,让不到4岁的女儿每天花三个小时(来回的时间)在校车上去喜耀幼儿园。到托儿所的时间增加了30倍、每天少见女儿2个小时、费用增加了$250(交通费),从’斤斤计较’的角度是不可理解的。


The greatest contrast, is that Heidi is the most caring of all our 3 children. She is the one, who would be taking care of her siblings, and also the one who would come to both parents, and tell us to come home early, so that she can have dinner with us. She is the most expressive, sharing her feelings; while we only hear the 2 elder children, sharing logical perspectives.

Heidi’s Dad

It was amazed when I first visited 喜耀. Students are polite and disciplined which impressed me so much and decided to let my children to grow and develop here. In addition, the Teachers are patient, loving and creative as they always think out of the box to have some small activities for students.

Hannah’s mum

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Dr. Yuen Sheung Wah


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