Xing Qing Education

Dear Parents,

Sunlife Educare Centre emphasises on Xingqing Education. We would like to share with you the following quotes extracted from 《人生爱语》黎斯华 博士著:

“Parents should behave in an upright manner in the aspect
of attitude, speech and actions, for children to emulate so that they will be resilient towards the negative influences in
the society.”

“When your children start to ask questions, they are actually opening up their mind. Wise parents will listen patiently and treasure the opportunity to coach them to grow.

Pay attention to your children’s behaviour after you have coached them. When they make small steps of improvement, you will be grateful that they are being blessed with a good inner-nature.”

“When children do not know how to overcome their discomfort or unhappiness over small matters, they will become temperamental. Do show your sympathy by feeling their discomfort and gently guide them to express their feelings.”

“Xingqing Education will prepare your children to become dignified and well-cultured people. This includes behaving in an upright manner by standing straight, sitting upright and walking steadily. It also includes observing social etiquette like giving way to elders, showing respect to others and paying attention when talking to people.”

“Xingqing Education helps your children to grow. This includes teaching them to have aspirations, to be trustworthy, well-cultured, pro-active and courageous, and to take up responsibility to improve the society; thus becoming truly learned people.”


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