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Besides early childhood education training, all our teachers have to attend Xiyao Sheng Ming ourse. They will be specially taught by Professor Fok Tou Hui, a contemporary thinker and educator. Our teachers have ample opportunities to develop themselves personally and professionally. We strongly believe that only teachers who understand the true meaning of education can become a role model and a genuine educator to help our children become an upright and resilient person.

Our Founder - Professor Fok Tou Hui

  • 1. Contemporary educationalist, thinker, founder of Xingqing Education and Xiyao Education.
  • 2. Founder and organiser of International Xiyao Life Education Programme.
  • 3. .Professor Fok laid the foundation stone for the growth of eastern culture and excels in the combination of western and eastern cultural wisdom to promote the studies of life education. This study has far-reaching effects as it enlightens students and helps them to progress in life through inspiring them to think and search for wisdom.
  • 4. Professor Fok sets forth to promote Xingqing Education through the inauguration of kindergarten, school, book room, research institute with a mission to improve the cultured spirit in every human life.
  • 5. Chairman and Founder of Hong Kong Xiyao Educational and Cultural Fund
  • 6. Founder of Hong Kong Young Children Education Organisation.
  • 7. Founder and School Master of China Xiyao Yuexi School and Kindergarten.
  • 8. Founder of Hong Kong Fazhu Culture Institute and Hong Kong Xiyao Life Education Centre. Life-Honorary Chairman of Singapore Xiyao Culture Association and Malaysia Xiyao Education Centre. Head of Singapore East Asian Humanistics Studies.
  • 9. Retired Professor of Philosophy Department, Hong Kong Chinese University. Current Adjunct Professor of various well-known universities in China such as Beijing China Social Science Institute, Nanjing University, Chung Shang University, Shanghai Hua Tong Teachers’ Training University, Shang Dong University, Gui Zhou University, Chang Chun North-east teachers’ Training University.

Our Consultant - Dr. Yuen Sheung Wah

  • 1. Advisor and School Board member of Singapore Sunlife Educare.
  • 2. Doctorate in Philosophy (Major in Philosophy, Critical Thinking)
  • 3. .He conducted numerous western and eastern philosophy classes, critical thinking and Xingqing studies classes with exemplary results in the development of the thought processes and Xingqing faculties of the human mind.


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