About Us

Sunlife Educare is a unique childcare centre! Early childhood period is when lifelong needed skills and virtues are formed, therefore it is extremely important to instill moral virtues like compassion, self- respect, humility and filial piety in our children at their tender age. Our education is built on this foundation, and we deem this as Xingqing Education (性情教育). Our founder, Professor Fok Tou Hui, believed that Xingqing education is the key to nurturing children with healthy minds and morally upright character. Our professional teaching team creates a loving and caring environment for our little ones, teaching them to manage the emotional aspect of their lives effectively and positively, facing and overcoming changes and adversities and pursuing greater achievements in future. We earnestly hope to work hand-in-hand with our parents to ensure our children grow up healthily and happily.

Xingqing Education(性情教育) was started in the 80’s by our well-known contemporary thinker and educator, Professor Fok Tou Hui(霍韬晦教授). Numerous classes were conducted, producing illustrious results that benefitted many individuals and their families. Professor Fok had also set up an integrated school in China as well as organised leadership training camps for youth in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Besides graduating with good academic results, these students and trainees also exhibit righteous character with inspiring ambitions. The results achieved are encouraging and this new direction in education is appraised as the new hope in the revolution of education.